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Loading audio content from a Local Shared Object

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Is there any way to make the MP3 Loader load audio content from a local Shared Object?  We've created the local shared object just fine, and we can make it play back by using a SAMPLE_DATA listener, to dump the byte array to the audio socket, like this:


mySound.addEventListener(SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA, dumpByteArray);


But we're rather load it into an MP3Loader object so that we can use all of the native methods of the loader.  We tried to set the content property of the loader, but it's read-only, so that did not work.  We tried to instantiate the listener to the content property (which is a Sound, so should work), but it also did not work.  Any ideas?

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Sorry, this isn't the type of usage we can advise or support. 

There is much more going on behind the scenes of MP3Loader that would need to be adjusted besides assigning a new Sound Object as the loader's content.

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