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Streaming an AS driven banner

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Hi, I'm using TweenLite with a banner I'm making. It's for an adserving platform called flashtalking

It gives me this warning when I upload



What does Rich Load not built to stream mean?

Your rich media SWF does not appear to have been designed to stream. Setting content to stream significantly increases the effectiveness of your ad.
How to fix this problem
> For Flash content to stream it should be spread across the main timeline of your rich load SWF file rather than being nested in movieclips or exported for actionscript in frame 1.


Obviously, I don't want to TimeLine animate it. Is there a way of tricking it to make it stream?



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Not really sure what you can do other than spreading some assets across multiple frames and then having all your animation code on a later frame. It won't make your animation play any faster but it will alleviate a big load on frame 1.



I would definitely recommend talking to the FlashTalking guys, they are great folks and very much aware of how GSAP works. You should have no problem using GSAP banners with them. 

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