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Get id/class in callback-function

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I am trying to get the id/class from the animated div in the callback-function.


What information does the callback-event contain? Is is the tween or is it possible to get information about the animated object the tween is using (in my case a div)?


Thanks in advanced! :)



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hello.. welcome to the forums .. you would use something like this:

var $box = $('div'),
    other = "hello!",
    tl = new TimelineMax({
        onCompleteParams: ["{self}", $box, other],
        onComplete: function(t,b,o){
              console.log(t); // self = timeline instance
              console.log(; // box element to do stuff with
              console.log(o); // outputs "hello!"

              var myID = b.attr('id'); // gets id of b, which is $box

tl.add( TweenMax.to($box, 3, {css:{autoAlpha:1}}, "mylabel" );

if you go to the docs and scroll down, and review the special properties.. there you will find callbacks, like onComplete, onStart, etc .. you would use onCompleteParams, onStartParams, etc ...



you pass your variables through the onCompleteParams which will make those variables available within the callback function.

  • onComplete : Function - A function that should be called when the timeline has completed
  • onCompleteParams : Array - An Array of parameters to pass the onComplete function.

    For example, new TimelineMax({onComplete:myFunction, onCompleteParams:["param1", "param2"]}); To self-reference the timeline instance itself in one of the parameters, use "{self}", like: onCompleteParams:["{self}", "param2"]

passing a timeline instance to use the timeline.progress():

var $box = $('div');
    tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true});
tl.add ( TweenMax.to($box, 3, { 
                ease: Linear.easeNone,
		onUpdateParams: ["{self}",$box],
		onUpdate: function(t,{
			var wp = t.progress(); // gets the current timeline progress on each update
}), "mylabel" );

hope this helps

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