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Draggable - Returning the DOM element currently being dragged

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Hi there, 


Thanks for updating Draggable so quickly - works great in IE now :) 


My current problem is that I've got 5 DOM elements that are being made Draggable.  I was hoping that I could call a function using onDragStart and by passing through the parameters [this.target], I would be able to manipulate the DOM element that is currently being dragged.  


However, whenever I console.log out this.target - no matter what DOM element is being dragged - the return is always the last draggable element (i.e. 'drag_5').


Whilst I understand that Draggable can consist of an array of draggable elements, is there any way that I can identify which element is currently being dragged by using either something like [this.target] or by spitting out its position in the Draggable array?  


Cheers in advance :)


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Yep, each Draggable instance can only be associated with one element and that's referred to as its "target" property, so you should be able to just reference this.target inside your onDragStart. Here's a simple codepen demo: 

See the Pen b21ff61d20dcbdef0eda79caad8f2027 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Ah fantastic, Jack, works like a dream! Thankyou :)

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