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LiquidArea disappearing?

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Hi there, I scanned a few things on the forum before posting but couldnt find much info regarding this problem.

Firstly I have an animation which evolves over time (timeline based using masks and things) this is all contained in one holding mc and is the clip I am trying to scale with the window re-sizing. I have tried the build which at first appears fine but as soon as I adjust the swf window size the content disappears.

I did see the value of calculate visual etc but this doesnt seem to affect anything either. I also just tried putting a solid colour in the background of the anim which is to scale of the animation end frame (fully built) to see if this would help but no. 
import com.greensock.layout.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;
var ls:LiquidStage = new LiquidStage(this.stage, 1280, 1024, 1280, 1024);
var area:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 0, 0, stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight);
area.attach(mainAnim, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE, calculateVisible:true});

ls.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, onAreaUpdate);
function onAreaUpdate(event:Event):void {
 trace("updated LiquidArea");

Any advice would be greatly appreciated at this point, and apologies for any duh moments.

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It sounds like you've got things inside the target that are moving and changing its dimensions thus throwing the bounds calculation off - have you tried defining a customBoundsTarget? I think you were trying to do that with your "solid color in the background" thing. Just make that into a child Sprite/DisplayObject and use that as your customBoundsTarget. 

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