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How to clear a Timeline

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I need to remove series of captions I have put on a timeline to replace them with the same captions with a different language pointer.


.kill() ?




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Well, you can't really put "captions" in a timeline - do you mean tweens of captions maybe? Or labels? 


You can either kill() the tween(s) (which automatically removes them from the timeline) or you can remove() them from the timeline yourself or if you want to dump everything from the timeline, you can clear(). If you haven't checked out the docs, they're really helpful for stuff like this because every property and method is listed with a description for each (and sometimes even a code sample):

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Thanks Jack.

I need to clear both the tweens and objects (captions).

The clear() was what I was after.

I have a Array that the objects were kept in. I'll cycle through that to remove them before I clear that too.

Love this suite.


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