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Call frame image on VideoLoader pause?

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Hello! I am looking for a way to have VideoLoader call a corresponding image frame on pause. So, let's say I have VideoLoader playing an f4v video at 30fps and I would have a folder with jpg frames saved out in matching 30 fps sequence. For example, how could I go about coding pause returns matching frame? Say, on frame 120 of f4v and show 120.jpg?


Hope this idea makes sense...

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In the world of VideoLoader and Flash video in general, frames work a bit differently than they do in the Flash timeline.


Depending on how your video is encoded, keyframes will be created at certain intervals and what you see in between keyframes is sort of interpolated. http://www.therealtimeweb.com/index.cfm/2006/5/10/flvkeyframes


The image a video displays at any point in time is described in time. Video is controlled by going to a certain time and Flash player will then figure out the nearest keyframe based on time. 


So you can tinker around with some math and try to figure out the closest frame based on the current videoTime of the VideoLoader. 


Have you considered using AS3's bitmap api to just take a screengrab of the video when it is paused? That seems much more efficient than generating and loading a bunch of bitmaps. 


Basic bitmap concepts: http://www.flashandmath.com/howtos/bddraw/


This tutorial is more than you need, but it shows the power of capturing from video


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Makes sense, I'll have to dig around videoTime a bit. The only issue with bitmap screen grab is that I actually need to load a very high res image in place of the paused frame. I'll see what I can find. Thanks as always, Carl!

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You're welcome and thanks for the clarification on  needing a high-res version of the frame. 

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