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Jakob Sternberg

Loading and unloading

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I'm a little new to AS3


Im currently creating a "presenter-app" that loads in "slides" (swf's)

I simply click next/prev to show the current slide, so only one slide is visible at a time.

So every time i "change slide" i wait for unload, and then use the same loader to load the next slide.


Sofar this has worked (ot at least it seems to) 


The Problem: Now one of the subloaded slides  uses VideoLoader to load in a video background (FLV), it seems that this does not get unloaded properly,,(when going back and forth, video gets slower each time)

I tried to add code to the main timeline of the slide.swf

loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.UNLOAD, function(){

.. But this never get's called.

Any pointers to what i could do would be great,










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Ok, that did not work


I tried to trace a bit..

var i = 0
var curParent:DisplayObjectContainer = this.parent;
while (curParent) {
    if (curParent.hasOwnProperty("loader") && curParent.hasOwnProperty("rawContent")) {
        Object(curParent).loader.addEventListener("unload", dispose, false, 0, true);
    curParent = curParent.parent;
function dispose(event:Event):void {
    //do cleanup stuff here like removing event listeners, stopping sounds, closing NetStreams, etc...

No matter if the swf gets loaded or runs "standalone" the while loop runs one time, and above outputs:


I know i could create a "cleanup" function in the slide, call that, then unload..
But i was actually looking for something like what you suggested Carl.

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