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Greensock animation workflow and visual editors?

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First of all, I loooove Greensock! It really fits my needs in animation, so what I'm looking for rightnow is a visual editor to setup my scenes and make my workflow quicker.


For this I'm comparing Adobe Edge Animate v2 and Sencha Animator v1.5.

Sencha is a lot cheaper (100 dollar one time spent) over EA (wich is 33 dollar a month!!, although I need Photoshop and Illustrator too and maybe AfterFX... full CCpackage for 83 dollar a month). 

Use of greensock is possible in both packages and it seems like apart from the output the packages are more or less the same in possibilities. The output is different though: AE has a lot of too-much-output I'd say, but seems to be more javascript based, what I like because of compatibility).


I will use it professionaly, so I take a look first before I dive into the deep with a package.

So for this I wonder; has any of you guys a perfect workflow in creating animations for the web in HTML5 together with GreensockJS (read: by using a visual editor)? Or do you all create your animations inside an IDE only?

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Currently we aren't aware of any professional timeline-based IDE that exports GSAP animations. We are seeing a good deal of interest from our users in an IDE, but unfortunately we aren't in a position to create one ourselves at this point. We feel strongly that any company that pursues creating an IDE that exports GSAP animations will have a real hit. 


Edge Animate is the clear choice for a lot of users. Chris Gannon is one user that does a lot of work in Edge Animate with GSAP. Read through his blog here: http://chrisgannon.wordpress.com/


His workflow uses EA as strictly a layout tool and then he scripts the animation with GSAP.

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If you'd like some existing IDEs to add GSAP export capability, we'd encourage you to tell them. Submit a feature request. The more they hear from customers with a similar request, the more likely it'll happen. 


We've been contacted by several companies exploring a possibility like this (a GUI for GSAP), so it very well may happen at some point. Can't say who or when, though. 

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Thanks Carl and Jack for your quick and clear response. Probably I'll stick to AE too. But I'm very interested in specialized editors for greensock. I'll watch out for that!

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Thanks for sharing, onlymega. 


Any reason you're using such an old version of TweenMax? Looks like it's from 2012 :) We've done a lot of updating since then. Might be worth patching in the latest stuff. 


We'd love to hear how it goes with your product. 

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I will need to test if frame based animation will work fine with new version of TweenMax library. 

If it will work fine, I will add it in the next website update.

I will post all news about html5maker.com on this forum.

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I just wanted to add our GreenSock animation editor to this thread for future reference. You can create animations and publish directly to the cloud, or download the resulting source code.


Check out our animation tool at http://tweenui.com/animator


Any feedback would be very welcome!

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Just seeing this thread now.. from asking a similiar question recently, it looks like folks get over the hump of css and use it to position and setup their layouts... Hope you figured out a way thats works for yourself.  I didnt realize Chris Gannon used Adobe Edge Animate for layout purposes only and coded with greensock. Besides brushing up on my css, im going to learn more about adobe edge...

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I tested the two html5 animators for html5make and tweenui I think they are look good to use but I found that these animators are has their own limitation.

Use automated banner creation you can use boilerplate for creating these animated banners.

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