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"Weather-Channel Green-Screen" XML Acxtionscript 3 class

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To start my new project, I downloaded it ("Video Loading and Playback with GreenSock LoaderMaxby Michael B")from Tuts, unzipped it and ran it. I put the Greensock ./com directory in - but it was a fresh download (greensock-v12-as3.zip). When I ran it, there were about a dozen plug-ins that I had to comment out.


Then I got the message "Call to a possibly undefined method ContentDisplay." Does anyone have a copy of this Tutorial that works? Just curious.


I have since started writing my own XML controlled Video player for multiple simultaneous videos. I want to make a "Weather-Channel Green-Screen" type of capability with transpose, rotate, fade-in -out, scale. Does anyone have experience with AS3 control for multiple videos doing this sort of thing? I've found the rotate to be difficult to control. I can't seem to get the rotate-center-point in the right place....

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Sorry to hear you are having problems.


I just visited: http://hub.tutsplus.com/tutorials/smart-as3-video-loading-with-greensock-loadermax-free-active-premium--active-5607?request_uri=%2Ftutorials%2Factionscript%2Fsmart-as3-video-loading-with-greensock-loadermax-free-active-premium%2F


Downloaded the files.


Opened and compiled Main.fla using the greensock lib that came with the download, no problems.


I deleted the old greensock lib and added 12.0.13 and compiled again. No errors or warnings whatsoever.


Can't upload the final version with all the videos. Perhaps you should give it another shot though.


Nothing significant has changed in LoaderMax that should cause any errors.


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here is a zip of all the files minus the videos final.zip


be sure to place your assets folder (which contains the videos) inside final/bin

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Hi Carl, Terrific :-)  Worked like a charm.  I used your final.zip and added the FLVs and MP4 and the com from greensock-v12-as3.zip.  I don't understand what happened before....


I really appreciate your help.  Now that I have a solution, am I supposed to close the conversation?

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