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re-repeat video / repeat video again

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I have a simple problem, which I wondered if VideoLoader has a solution to. If not, I can achieve it manually, but thought I'd ask.


I've got a simple video which repeats 3 times:

vid = new VideoLoader("video.flv", {name:"vid", container:this, repeat:3});

I call it like this:


...but this only works once. The second time I try to play it, it doesn't play.



I tried calling it this way instead:


...but then it only plays once.



Is there any way to maintain the repeat settings?

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I see what you mean. Yeah, the repeat count wasn't updateable, but I've attached a version of VideoLoader that has a "repeatCount()" method that allows you to get/set that value. So you could do:

yourLoader.gotoVideoTime(0, true);

That should start it from the very beginning and play through all iterations. Let me know if it works well for you and I can add it to the downloads


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Thanks for the update, it's really helpful.


When I first tried it, I assumed it would set the number of repetitions to whatever value is passed. I guess it actually sets the current repetition (so if your repeat value is 3 and you set it to 1, it plays the loop twice more).


Do you think it would be better to have two get/setters: One to set the repeat count & one to set the current repeat?


Either way, I'm happy :)

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Awesome! , i didnt know of VideoLoader

About count.. should'nt stuff be done external..? imo this is bloatness

Imo loop:true/false comnbined with onComplete is enough?


myCount = 0



if(myCount < 5) myVid.gotoVideoTime(0,true)


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