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Type mismatch with TweenMax.staggerTo

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Don't have a clue why i recieve a "Type mismatch" on the red line.

The tween executes 5 times, because it receives by parameter, 5 different instances. When all of them are finished, i need to run "cargarpantalla" function.



function mc(nombrecolumna){
            TweenMax.staggerTo ( nombrecolumna.target.p, 3, {colorTransform:{ tint:0xFFFFFF, tintAmount:0.2 } }, cargarpantalla );
            function cargarpantalla () {

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the staggerTo() method expects an array as the first parameter (because it's for staggering multiple objects to the same end values). I assume that maybnombrecolumna.target.p is not an array. You can change to a regular to() call instead if you want. 

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