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Animate two different tweens at the same time

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Hello folks.


So, i need to tween two objects at the same time. They do not share the same properties. One of them moves to a certain place, while the other moves to another certain place. I guess that is why i couldn't use "TweenMax.allTo" right?


I have been looking at tutorials in youtube, and i could do it with TimelineLite, but that is for tweening one animation after another, and i want to animate them both at the same exact time.



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" Absolutely, gpon. You can have as many tweens going as you want at the same time. For example:

var t:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite();
t.insert( new TweenLite(mc1, 1, {x:100}), 0);
t.insert( new TweenLite(mc2, 1, {y:200}), 0);

that has mc1 and mc2 tweening different properties at the same time.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d highly recommend watching the video at http://www.greensock.com/timeline-basics/ "

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