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I would like to learn how to use tweenlite by reading a manual. 

Is there such thing?


I dont consider documentation a manual, by the way.


I need a step by step guided process to learn how to use GSAP to its fully potential.



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Thanks for the request.


At this time there is not a full-blown manual.


We understand that folks learn things different ways and in addition to our robust docs we have a very informative Getting Started Guide: 

and quite the archive of tutorials: http://www.greensock.com/learning/


Also, be sure to read http://www.greensock.com/tweening-tips/


And yes, we understand that even with those resources there is always more that users need to know, which is why we do our best to actively address issues in the forums.


Again, we appreciate the suggestion for the manual and will keep it in mind. We are currently creating a full 3 day class with a written book of step-by-step exercises for the JavaScript version of the platform. If interest in Flash becomes stronger we will certainly consider doing something similar. 


As much as docs may not be everyone's preferred way of learning, I'd suggest you visit them often, there really is a ton of super valuable info in there. Reading the forums is also a tremendous way to gain exposure to very helpful techniques. 


Hopefully some of this info is helpful. My advice to everyone is start small, get the basics down, and when you run into trouble hit the forums. 





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