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AS2 Count - Up Odometer style with blur effect?

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I would like to create a simple count-up from let's say 0 to 1000.

I would also like to control about the time it takes to count up to that number and have a vertical blur effect applied, kind of like in an odometer. Is that possible in AS2?


Thanks for any help,



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Sure, its possible. For a true odometer effect you will need 4 digits that spin independently with different timing. You also have the challenge of making sure you can seamlessly loop each digit from 0 to 9 to 0 to 9 infinitely. Certainly not as easy at it seems. 


Unfortunately we have to focus our efforts in the forums on questions specific to the GreenSock tools and not so much on helping with building advanced projects.


I'd definitely take a look at www.activeden.net I'm sure you can get an affordable component and save a lot of time / hassle.


For instance:




For only $2 you can probably learn a lot more about how something like this is built than from anyone on a forum. Just an idea.

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