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TweenMax.to inside a for loop ?

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I need to tween five movieclips that are contained in the links_menu array.

I want them to tween on onRollOver event.

i used a for loop which seems to work fine, because when i put trace (this._name) it returned the name of the movieclip i was rollingover to, so until this point, it's all fine.


However, when i put a TweenMax.to(this._name, 1, {anything}); nothing happens.



I am just begining to crawl in tweenlite as well as actionscript... sorry if this is too basic guys.



for (i=0; i<links_menu.length; i++) {
     links_menu.onRollOver = function (){
          TweenMax.to(this._name, 1, {_x:"19", _y:"-4.75"});

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for (i=0; i<links_menu.length; i++) {
     links_menu[i].onRollOver = function (){
          TweenMax.to(this, 1, {_x:"19", _y:"-4.75"});
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I see... i was referring to the name, not the movieclip itself.


Thanks again Carl. :mrgreen:

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