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How to call child tween

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I have five movieclips, with different instances, since i would want to use them as buttons later with different actions. (let's call them mc_1, mc_2, mc_3, mc_4, and mc_5)


Each of this moveclips will share the same tween for movement.


Now, here comes the tricky part -for me- :


Each movie clip, share a common nested-moviecli. It is the same instance for all of them. Let's call it inner_animation. What i want to do, is to tell each movie clip (mc_1, mc_2 ...) to run inner_anmation once the tween has completed. 


Here is an example for what i have for mc_1:


import com.greensock.TweenLite;
import com.greensock.easing.*;



As you can see this method wont work, since i would have to write one function for each moveclip.

I was thinking something like:  This.inner_animation

but couldnt make it work.


Any smart guy out there? :mrgreen:

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


There are probably 3 or 4 ways to handle this based but here is one way with very little code and its very flexible:


import com.greensock.*;

//tween both mc's and offset their start times by 0.5 seconds
//pass a reference to each tween via param "{self}" into the the onComplete callback
TweenMax.staggerTo([mc1, mc2], 0.5, {_x:200, onComplete:innerAnimation, onCompleteParams:["{self}"]}, 0.5);

//callback that starts animation on mc1.inner and mc2.inner
//use tween param to find the target of each tween
function innerAnimation(tween) {
trace("done tweening " + tween.target._name); // this fires once for each mc being tweened
TweenMax.to(tween.target.inner, 1, {_rotation:360, _xscale:10, _yscale:10, repeat:1, yoyo:true});

I have attached a CS5 fla and swf


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Carl, thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

That is exactly what i want to do.

Unfortunately i had problems running the code in my own file.


So I opened innerAnimation.fla to investigate what could it be.

The first thing i noticed, was the animation was not working from Flash.

Because i have GSAP v.11, i swap "staggerTo()" to "allTo()". Still didn't work.

So i downloaded GSAP v.12 and got this message :

The class or interface 'com.greensock.core.TweenCore' could not be loaded.


What can i do?

1) I could stay on version 11, but -having changed staggerTo() to allTo()- the inner animation doesnt work. mc1 and m2 animate well, but inner animations dont.


2) when i changed to version 12 i got thar error...


any hint?

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Sounds like you are either missing GreenSock files or they are in the wrong place.


I would strongly recommend sticking with v12. 

v11 doesn't support the feature I'm using here of sending a "{self"} reference of the tween into a callback parameter.


I've attached a new zip that contains an fla and the greensock classes (version 12.0.11). You should have no problem opening the fla and compiling.


Let us know if you still have trouble


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It Worked!!! :mrgreen:


Carl,You are the boss.


This made my day.


Thanks so much.

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Is there a way i can edit this post title so i can put [sOLVED] ?

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Don't worry about editing the post title. Its all good. Glad this info helped you. Happy Tweening!

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