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Is there a way to trap XMLLoader ioError?

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I'm trying to check for the existence of an XML file — I'm doing this by doing a bogus load and returning the value of success or failure, thus:

	public static function RFIDExists($func:Function):void {
			var filename:String = RFID_READ_FILE;
			TTUtils.trc(7,"RFIDExists $func", $func);
			var loader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader(SERVER_PATH + filename, {onComplete:function() {$func(true)},onIOError:function() {$func(false)}});

Where $func is a function that will be called and take action based on the result.  It works perfectly.


My question is that the IDE keeps reporting errors such as 

Error on XMLLoader 'loader9' (http://localhost/tt/xml/scan.xml): Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: http://localhost/tt/xml/scan.xml

Which is understandable, of course, but I don't want the program to 'crash' because I'm trying to load a file that isn't there.  Is there a way to 'trap' this error so that it basically disappears?  Is there another way (outside of AIR) to check for a file existence than this?

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It sounds like you're just talking about the trace() statements. Those are intended to help you debug things, but they don't halt execution at all and they're typically only visible in the IDE anyway. It isn't as though people seeing your swf at runtime would ever see that stuff, and it wouldn't cause failures. You can simply select the "omit trace statements" option in the publish settings if you want those omitted. Or I suppose you could delete the trace() in the source code. 

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