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throwprops using a custom MovieClip

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I am really bummed its not easy to find an example of how to use throwProps with a movie clip. Is there an example or several to see or use?


When where we can have a menu button like the iphone... or the MovieClip flicks as if it was text but its a movieclip



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I think you might be missing some of what is happening in your code here: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/7723-throwprops-strange-space-on-top-or-left-in-apps/


You are using two special GreenSock tools 

1) ThrowPropsPlugin for accurate velocity based tweens

2) a BlitMask which is a totally separate tool that takes "screen captures" of very large display objects and only shows the pixels in a smaller pre-defined space to increase performance.


The trouble you are having is more closely related to BlitMask than ThrowPropsPlugin.


Please see your other thread for more details.

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