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Product Visualization - 360° Turntable

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Hi everyone!


(as usual, sorry for my bad english)


I've modeled and rendered a few products in 3D and rendered each one in a 360° animation.

I have 300 png image sequence for each product.


As you can expect, I'd like to display the first frame and then, with a click and drag (or something) let the user rotate the product.


I first tried embedding the image sequence in a movieclip inside of the Flash IDE, but it's way too heavy.

I'd really like to load the images at runtime with AS3.


I found those examples :




Does anyone have already develop an AS3 app like that, and tell me about the pros and cons of different techniques.


Jack told me to try a LoaderMax that could load every .png and then toggling the "visible" property of each frame true or false.


Thanks for your help!





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