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Animating 'left' or 'right' should unset the other

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Besides convenience, it should be implied that if you have an element positioned 'left', and you desire to animate it's 'right' property, that 'left' should be unset. It doesn't make sense to animate a property that would yield no effect, and that you'd need to manually unset the conflicting property. Same with 'top' and 'bottom'.

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Actually, in HTML both pairs of properties can definitely be used together for positioning - there is no implication that using left means you don't want to use right.


Check this out:

See the Pen oyKLB by jamiejefferson (@jamiejefferson) on CodePen


If your particular design doesn't work with both left and right set, then you will need to manually unset the conflict.


You can very quickly clear the conflict with

TweenMax.set(target, { left:"" });

though, and it can also be attached to timelines.

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