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GlowFilterPlugin increasing the strength of glow effect not the blur

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Hi, I am trying to increase the strength of the glow effect. I am using the following code:

TweenMax.to(mc, 0.3, {glowFilter:{color:0xFFFFFF, alpha:1, blurX:30, blurY:30}});


I am not looking forward to increase the blur radius just trying to achieve a heavier glow especially around the movieclip. Is it possible somehow? I have tried increasing the "alpha" value but it doesn't work above the max value 1.


My only other possible option would be to stack another glowFilter tween on the same movieclip but it may result in performance problems.

Thanks, Attila

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Sure, just use the "strength" special property. 1 is normal, but you can go up to a higher value if you want. 

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Thank you for the quick response. The "strength" property works well.

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