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Listening for labels in Timelines?

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If one has has a long timeline with various 'sections', which one could delineate by labels, what is the best way to know when it has played through a section?


Is there a way to 'listen' for a tlmeline passing through labels — or is the best way to add a callback at the end of each section which would dispatch an Event?


_timeline.addLabel('start section 1',_timeline.totalDuration());
_timeline.addLabel('end section 1',_timeline.totalDuration()); // can I detect when this passes?
_timeline.addCallBack(dispatchAnEvent(finishedSection1),_timeline.totalDuration());  // or is this the only way?

Thanks for any help.

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Yes, adding a callback would be the best route.


I know that was pseudo code but here is another way of adding a label at the current end of the timeline






ok, but not necessary

_timeline.addLabel('start section 1',_timeline.totalDuration());



also keep in mind that TimelineMax has more label-related methods than TimelineLite such as








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