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Videoplayer Autoplay Issue

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Hi Greensock,

I'm writing you because I'm having the same issue as described in this old post:



I downloaded the library today so I guess it's latest version but still got the problem.

I developed a videoplayer which appears just when the user scrolls until the flash file is in the visible viewport, but, since the swf is already in the page at its loading (with display:none), the video starts to load and should not play (I set the autoPlay property to false).

Despite this you can still randomly hear a fragment of sound when the page is loaded.

The page I'm talking about is this (to find the videoplayer scroll to the middle of the page): http://clients.adrime.com/files/campaigns2/9982307390/44214/IT_fantagazzetta.com_formazioni_201304_index.html


Try and refresh it a few times and sometimes you'll hear the sound starting.


Hope we can solve this.

Thank you in advance

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Sorry about it, I was editing a code I didn't write in the first place and I found now a wild playVideo() where there shouldn't be one.


Sorry again!

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Thanks for letting us know that you solved it.

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