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DataLoader Memory Issue

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Is there any way to clear the network buffer from a DataLoader?


I have a DataLoader that is pulling JSON in a loop (once the page is loaded and then parsed, it'll load the page again to get updated information) and it seems to cause a memory issue after about 13 minutes.


Adobe Scout is showing the most memory used in "Network Buffers" and "Uncategorized".

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DataLoader (and LoaderMax) doesn't do anything special with "network buffers" or anything like that (quite frankly, I hadn't even heard that term before). It just leverages Adobe's URLLoader class internally - that's it. Nothing super fancy. Feel free to check the source code. I'm pretty sure the problem isn't LoaderMax-related, but if you still suspect that it is, please post a very simple FLA that we can publish to see the issue reproduced. 

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