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Mike D

v1.9.3 className issue

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I just updated GSAP to the latest version and am now noticing an error that's happening with class names. I have a div element with multiple class names.


<div class='myclass one default'>...</div>


If i  run this:


TweenLite.to( '.myclass', 3, { className: '-=default' } );


There are spaces being removed and result in the following which breaks not only the CSS rules but also any jQuery calls to this element (e.g. $('.myclass.one') ).


<div class='myclassone'>...</div>

Everything was working fine until I upgraded to the latest version. Any suggestions?

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Sorry about that - it was indeed a regression that only affected className tweens with "-=" prefixes and 3 or more classes, but I just posted an update (literally added a single space to the code in one spot) and uploaded that now. It's in the zip download and on github. It's not on the CDN yet. Again, I apologize for the glitch. 

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Best support on the planet. Fixed and THANK YOU.

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Found one more issue with this. If you use +=someClass on an element that already has .someClass, it creates a duplicate class instead of intelligently checking that the class already exists.


So now you end up with


<div class='someClass someClass'>...</div>


Here's a quick example http://jsfiddle.net/943mD/

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I don't think that matters functionally, but we'll get it patched in the next release. Thanks for pointing that out. 

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So i guess then, for any Tween using -= or += with the className property, I would need to handle duplicate classes via jQuery.removeClass('...') beforehand? The catch is I'm stitching multiple tweens together using TimelineLite that are using -= or += for className so I need to figure out a way to remove the class (using jquery) right before I add the tween +=class back in.


Does that make sense? Thoughts?

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This should be fixed now in the latest push (uploaded a few minutes ago) :)

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You're a scholar and a gentleman. 

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Works perfectly now - thank you again for the amazing work on this library and the stellar support. 

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