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Hi, (first of all, sorry I posted a reply instead of creating new topic before, newby)


I have a Loadermax with multiple loaders (image, xml, video and selfloader).

All them have estimatedBytes and autodispose = false.


I also have progress, complete and onError handlers set up.


Testing for errors, I get the complete event fired before the onError event...... 

the onError handler would have a boolean to let the whole thing to start or not. 


so, why does the onComplete fires before the onError?




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Hi Alex,


Welcome to the GreenSock forums. Don't worry about posting that reply, I deleted it. No problem.


I would first recommend that you are using the latest version of LoaderMax, grab a fresh copy by pressing the "getGSAP" button above. 


If the latest version doesn't sort things out it would really help to see some files that replicate this behavior. If you could create an example that has the least amount of assets to replicate the issue it would really help. We don't need your production files or big videos / images. Just something super basic.


We'd love to get this sorted for you. LoaderMax is fairly complex system and its tough to guess what might be the issue.



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Thanks Carl, 


I was having different results when forcing errors in debugging. With bigger file sizes it ran more smoothly. So I added a timer of 1s after the onComplete, and it helped. 


I wasn't very happy, but gladly I needed to change what could be initially loaded (without interaction). 


In the end, changing the structure a bit solved all the problems.

Taking a break really helped too!


Thanks for the reply, all the best.

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