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IE8 - Text inputs inside scaled div.

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I'm using TweenLite to scale a wrapper div to fit a user's window. Everything looks and functions well, except in IE8 there is an unusual issue with Text Inputs. When clicked inside to enter text, the blinking caret appears offset, yet the entered text still displays in the correct position.




The offset seems proportional to the amount the wrapper div was scaled. 


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Ah yes, you've gotta love IE8 (and earlier). The transforms (scaling/rotation/translation) can ONLY be accomplished using an IE-specific filter and I believe that only changes where the pixels display. It looks like it doesn't compensate for the underlying input elements. I'm pretty sure that's literally impossible to do. I wish there was an easy fix. Certain things are just plain impossible with such old technology :(

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