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ImageLoader, no events dispatched, 'null' result

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Oops, silly mistake on my behalf was to blame for the crossed out stuff below.  As ever GreenSock rocks.


Hi, I seem to have the same problem as described here: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/3005-xmlloader-imageloader-problem/


I'm using the v latest version of loadermax.


I can load flv but cannot seem to load png or jpg. No events are firing. Strangely, if I specify the wrong location for the png or jpg, LoaderMax complains loudly. Says nothing when these locations are correct. .cotent and rawContent return null.


BTW, I googled for this problem and came up with the above site. When I entered it, it said I was logged in as someone else (Abdulah?). I changed my password immediately and it said 'welcome Andy' (the right name). Thanks, Andy.

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