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Particle Animation

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As far as I see, the numbers do 3 things:


each is scaling by a random amount and with an ease like expoEaseOut

each is moving left and right by a tiny amount randomly

each is moving from a point to another in a random range (some go right, some left)


this should get you started with the "effects" that you need to use I think.

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Thanks for the help. I had thought building it out but was curious before I do if there is a better way. Also thought about combining TimelineMax and the BezierPlugin together.

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You could certainly use the BezierPlugin, but it doesn't look necessary to me. Here's a rough approximation that could certainly be tweaked to get closer to the sample you posted: 


See the Pen 26e5f390d6458e80419d9b723497dbb6 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Does that help?

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Wow that's awesome. Thanks for your post. This is what I was looking for.

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I'm new to HTML and coming from a flash background. How does this particle animation get implemented?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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HI s4ct,


Not really sure what you need help with in regards to implementing the particle animation. 


You might want to visit the particle animation pen and click share > download zip which will give you a local set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to work with.


Have you read the Getting Started Guide or the Jump Start?







Let us know if there is something more specific you need assistance with.

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