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Masking a Crop Object

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I have a rectangular area that I'm uploading bitmaps that are controlled with the TransformManager. I would like the targets to only show in a masked area and allow the control points of the TransformManager to extend beyond the mask. I have this working with transformItems, however I would like to use Crop objects. When I use Crop objects I get a red block that extends beyond the mask with the control points and if I double click to enter the crop mode the original mask is ignored.

I've tried the two lines of code below to try and mask the Crop object. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



manager.selectedTargetObjects[0].target.mask = mask_mc;
manager.selectedTargetObjects[0].mask = mask_mc;
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It sounds like the issue is that your scenario requires TWO masks, but only one can be applied to an object in Flash. I think you'll have to choose to either wrap your whole area in a container Sprite and mask that (which means the handles will also get masked) or don't use Crop instances.  I wish there was an easy solution but none is coming to mind. 

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Hi Jack,


Thanks for getting back so quickly.


I'll let you know if I come up with something interesting.





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