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Animated Automatically Scrolling Lines of Code like in Movies & TV

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I love your products and everything Greensock stands for.  Your products are top-notch, and the customer service is as good as the Kinko's customer service is bad. GreenSock customer service is like "Bizzaro Kinko's Customer Service."  


In other works:


GreenSock - "Totes Awesome Sauce"


Kinko's - "The Hangover 2 & Indiana Jones 4, kind of awful"



I am trying to come up with the most efficient and "zazzy-licious" way to put in the background of one of my website page, the scrolling code that you see on computer screens in the background of movies and tv shows.


I'm not sure if I want just pure binary (1's and 0's) or letters and numbers.


I figured that I would find about 500 ka-trillion Google results showing different ways of doing this in various languages, but alas, I didn't really find much of anything.


I'm using the Greensock Javascript libraries (v.12) and the latest version of Raphael.Js. 


I don't really need anyone to show me how to do this, by providing a working example (at least, not yet). I'm really looking for a broad outline of the steps I would need to take to accomplish this task in the most code efficient and least taxing burden on the browser way possible.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Sweet J

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Hi thanks for the kind words. Not exactly sure about the effect you are trying to describe. Can you link to a youtube video or another concrete example?

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