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Is there any better way to reload the swf which already displayed.

So why I want to that? 

Let me explain, if the user is on slide 5 which is a child SWF with animation and I have a refresh button on parent Menu. So when the user clicks the refresh button I want to reload that same child SWF with new variables that user have set on its parent.


Any idea?


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Is there any better way to reload the swf which already displayed.


I don't know how you are currently re-loading, so its tough to suggest a better way. If you simply need the variables to be used to update certain aspects of the swf, no, I wouldn't reload it.


I would create a function in the loaded swf that accepts those new variables and takes the appropriate action with them.


perhaps the user specifiies that a circle should be red, the parent swf can call a function on the loaded swf like so:







and then the loaded swf would have a method




function updateCircleColor(color:uint):void{
TweenMax.to(circle_mc, 1, {tint:color});



I don't know exactly what you are doing so that's as detailed as I can get.


If you need to reload the SWFLoader, just use the load() method and pass in true as the flushContent parameter like so:




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I think  it for me


But, it reloads all the slides and keeps the existing ones

Like if I have 10 slides in the SWF then after running mySWFLoader.load(true) it add 10 more so then I get 20 slide. 

Now how can I clear the existing slide and then run load(true)


Its amazing how quickly it loads the relaods the slides. Great LoaderMax!!!



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