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Nico D

Nested Animations Problem

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I noticed that when I nest animations (divs within divs within divs) in order to control animations, they play fine in modern browsers, but IE7 and IE8 only displays the animation to the outer div.


I'm using simple TweenMax tweens for this in conjunction with jQuery, like this:


TweenMax.from($("#cblattR"), 3, {css:{ rotation:90, scale:0.7}, ease:Power4.easeOut, delay:0.6});
TweenMax.from($("#PLANT"), 4, {css:{top:"300px", rotation:10, scale:0.2}, ease:Power4.easeOut});


Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?




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Older versions of IE especially 8 don't allow transformations set on parent objects to be inherited by their children. Sometimes setting filter:inherit on the child div solves the problem:




it also helps if your child and parent have position:absolute.


Unfortunately there isn't much that CSSPlugin can do when browsers have certain flaws baked into them.

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Ah, good to know. Thanks!


Well, that's disappointing. And filter:inherit didn't change anything.


So it's probably best to test really early in IE8 and see what it does with the animation.


And keep things simple -- for compatibility's sake

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