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Can I remove eventListeners from the loaded SWF on main time line

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My main time line is sectioned into two labeled keyframed sections.

In section1 I have a button called "APPLICATIONS" which colors blue on roll over and discolors on roll out.

In this section1 there is an SWF loader which loads additional buttons. These buttons when clicked bring user to section2, where the button "APPLICATIONS" should be staying colored in. However it does not happen.

My idea was to play the timeLine which is set up is section1 in the main file by a command in the loaded SWF file, which works now.

However I still need to make sure that evenListeners are disabled as well.

I dabbled in a code attempt, but it did not seem to work.

Is it possible to accomplish?

playTimeLineOutOfLoadedSWF_test 3.zip

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create a function in main.fla that removes the eventListeners, call it:




from the rgb buttons in your loadedSWF do



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