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BlurTween jumps to the center if object is masked?

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I applied a BlurTween to my shape. Then I applied a mask to this shape cutting off the top. The end result should be that I have a gradation at the bottom and sharp edge on the top. However the BlurTween jumps down and positions itself as if centered, thus giving me BlurTween on the top and bottom of my shape.

How do I make sure that there is only BlurTween at the bottom and straight cut on the top?

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That's just the way Flash works.

  1. select your coveringBlackObject_prdcts symbol
  2. remove the tint
  3. add a blur filter, set blurY to 30
  4. remove the TweenMax code
  5. test


Same result.


Flash is applying the mask properly, but it allows the blur filter to work as if it is applied only to the area under the mask That is why you see blurring on the top and bottom. The blurred pixels are allowed to bleed outside of that area.


Its actually a pretty tricky effect to pull off as Flash doesn't support just blurring one edge in one direction. You may have to apply the blur to a wide short rectangle that is sitting on top of a solid colored object so that they blend together.

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Thanks for the hint.

Is there a gradient Tween I can apply in one direction so it looks similar? I would put it to blend to alpha:0, so it looks like a blur.

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If you are going to go that route, I think just drawing the gradient in a movie clip and fading it in would work fine.


There is not a gradient tweening tool built into TweenLite, but you certainly can tween the drawing of a gradient.


Go to: http://www.greensock.com/tweenmax/

Find the PluginExplorer

Scroll to the hexColors item then click "view example"

hit "tween".


You will see the code that makes it work.

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