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ThrowPropsPlugin publishing the code

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Dear Greensock


How is it when I publish a Javascript animation using the ThrowPropsPlugin? I would make "members only" code easily available for everyone. Is this okay with you?


Flash was a sort of "closed". But there isn't very much one can do with JS files.







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That's a very valid question and I really appreciate your sensitivity there. Unfortunately, the reality is that it's virtually impossible to protect JS files. That's okay - the only thing I'd request is that you use the minified version instead of the uncompressed one in your published stuff and that you leave the comments in there about copyright, licensing terms, and the link to greensock.com.


Our whole posture since day 1 has been to put a lot of faith in the user base out there. Sure, there will be people who use the code inappropriately but the majority of developers out there (at least the ones we want as customers) are respectful of the intellectual property and they'll join Club GreenSock to support the efforts and comply with the license. We believe that if we treat our customers with a lot of mistrust, they'll return that posture right back. So far so good. See - the very fact that you asked the question proves the point. YOU are the type of developer we want as a customer.


Thanks again for watching our back and being a member.

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