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Jeremy Rudd

Are Arch and Reverse useful easing equations?

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Hi all,


I recently stumbled upon MoveThis, another tweening engine.


If you scroll down to the Gears demo, you'll see demos of Arch and Reverse, probably 2 tween easing equations. (I can't figure if they are just different names for existing Penner equations, although they are signed by "Todd Williams" aka taterboy)


Would adding these eases into TweenLite be of any use? Unless they are already added.


Also, MoveThis has a nice "easingStrength" parameter that apparently controls the amount of ease applied. Does TL have anything like that? Would it be a useful addition?



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Those Arch and Reverse eases in MoveThis are just back-to-back standard eases, that's all. You can do exactly the same thing with either a TweenMax that has repeat:1, yoyo:true, or two sequenced tweens. That'd be very easy with two chained TimelineLite to() calls.


As for easingStrength, you can pretty much do that with the new Power eases in v12 where the name of the ease corresponds with the power. Power0.easeOut is linear, Power1.easeOut is a mild ease, Power2.easeOut is more powerful, Power3.easeOut is more, etc. (up to 4). And then of course there's CustomEase.

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Smart one, back-to-back. I suppose this is a good idea to implement with chaining.


And the power eases are just renamed versions of the old ones. (I think)

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Power eases were added in v12, and are identical to the basic linear, quad, cubic, quart, strong/quint eases to make the amount of easing they do much clearer.

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