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throw (flick) examples?

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Sorry, I haven't created anything like this with JS.

Our ThrowPropsPlugin will be available sometime soon which would help quite a bit.


Also, its important to note that Lee isn't creating a tween. He is running a loop that is constantly capturing the velocity of the drag. When the drag stops his loop is just diminishing that velocity each frame with vx *= 0.95;



With ThrowProps, you will be able to create a tween that will have a predetermined duration and end values. This tween can be paused, restarted, reversed, inserted into a sequence (timeline) and have callbacks applied among other things.


You can read more about ThrowPropsPlugin here: http://www.greensock.com/throwprops/


Stay tuned (facebook / twitter) for more info on the release of this plugin for Javascript.


As for touch libraries, sorry I really don't know enough about them to recommend one.

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