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setting properties without animating

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Is setting animation time to 0 the (efficient) way of setting properties in gsap?

I mean for instance, setting the timeline progress to 0.5 immediately when the html has been loaded:


TweenLite.to(tl, 0, {progress:0.5});



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It should be as simple as:



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Ok yeah of course :)

But how about css properties. Would It be right to use a tween with 0 duration for setting for instance "left" and "opacity"?

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Sure, you could use set() (it's just a shortcut to create a to() tween with duration 0) to change any property e.g.

TweenLite.set(target, { css: { left: 50, opacity: 0.6 } });


It's obviously not going to be quite as fast as a pure javascript style update (not sure how it compares to jQuery .css(), although I'd bet they're on par), but it's convenient and familiar, gives you all the juicy CSSPlugin support, and is still blazing fast regardless.

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