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MD5 checksum

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Just wondering if any thought had been given to adding a MD5 checksum capability to LoaderMax. In other words, pass a md5 checksum as a parameter and if the loaded content doesn't match, the load would fail.


If not, any thoughts on where to add code into the source (DisplayObjectLoader or LoaderCore perhaps). The trick is that once the loaded object is converted to its content form (ex. SWFLoader.rawContent) it is too late to calculate the MD5.



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The simple answer is no :) Frankly, you're the first to ever request MD5 checksum capability and I've never personally had the need for it, but feel free to take a crack at adding it if it's something important to your project. As far as where it would need to go, I assume you may need to use a DataLoader for all your loads if you need to get the raw data before Flash makes sense of it (as an image or swf or whatever). Let us know if you piece together a solid solution. We'd love to see it.

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Thanks... In my case, I'm developing a plugin system and would like to validate the integrity of the plugin against what I expect it to be.


I'll certainly let you know if I implement something with LoaderMax.

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I guess I'm the second one who was looking for this feature  :mrgreen:

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