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TweenMax tweening CSS: 'x' vs 'left'

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As an erstwhile AS3 developer moving over to some JS, could someone clarify this for me?


I was trying to move a div on screen and then (when invisible) set it back to where it started.


Something like this (swapOut is a JQuery object):





But I could never get it set back where I wanted? See the obvious error: I'm using 'x' instead of 'left'. When I inspected in Firebug I saw that my div's css had a transform-matrix set on it.


When I went back and did this, all worked fine




My question is: what's TweenMax doing for me with respect to x? Is this a proper CSS property? — or is TweenMax lending a helpful hand for us AS3 people and moving stuff in a tricky way when we (mistakenly) say 'x'? If so, what else is like this in the JS version? ("y" -> "top", etc?)

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x and y aren't typical css properties like width, height, background-color, color etc. When you are specifying x/y in your tween you are telling the CSSPlugin to affect the element's transform property. http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_transform.asp


We have found that is sometimes slightly more efficient to tween the css properties 'top' and 'left' instead.

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Carl is exactly right, and to be clear, "x" and "y" are the same as "translateX()" and "translateY()" in the "transform" css property.

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