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Is there anyway to colorize/ desaturate a photo like in AS3 with JS?

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Deos anyone know how I can use TweenMax to colorize a photo or desaturate one? Like on rollover of an image it would go from color to b&w? And is it possible to do without using 2 photos? One color and one black and white?


Looking for help.

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Take a look here http://www.pixastic.com/


Since it uses values and a function to set the colorize properties, you can tween those values and then pass them to the function and execute it using onUpdate to pass the values each time the tween updates.


It could be like this:


var colors =
greenImg : 0,
redImg : 0,
blueImg : 0
tn1 = TweenMax.to(colors, 1, {greenImg:1, onUpdate:updateFunction, paused:true});//to colorize it green

function updateFunction()
//pixastic code here



Hope this helps,



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Ok. In the latest version of Greensock it looks like filters are supported.


TweenMax.to($("#cycle"), .5, {css:{webkitFilter:"grayscale(1)"}});


This worked.


The downside is filters are only supported in webkit.

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