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addSelectionBoxElement to Specific TransformItems

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I am attempting to use "addSelectionBoxElement" to add an edit button to a selected object in my application. After working with it a bit, I've realized that it is a TransformManager method, so it adds that edit button to every single TransformItem associated with my TransformManager. What I am trying to do is only add the edit button to specific TransformItems (for example I have Shapes, TextField, images, etc). Is there any way to only add the edit button for specific objects, or to hide the edit button when certain objects are selected? Thanks for your help.

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Sure, you should be able to add a listener for "SELECTION_CHANGE" events and use conditional logic to change the "visible" property of your custom element based on whatever is selected (you can check the TransformManager's selectedTargetObjects array).

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Ok, I am still a bit confused on how you actually access the custom element to set its visibility? So just as a very simple example, I have the following:


myManager = new TransformManager();
var square:Sprite = new Sprite();
myManager.addSelectionBoxElement(square, "bottomRight", -80, 0);

myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.SELECTION_CHANGE, onselectionchange, false, 0, true);

var mcItem:TransformItem = myManager.addItem(myObject, TransformManager.SCALE_NORMAL, false);

private function onselectionchange(e:TransformEvent):void {


So, within the onselectionchange listener, how do I access the "square" from the selected object?

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Here's some pseudo code that I had in mind:


private function onselectionchange(e:TransformEvent):void {
   square.visible = true; // by default, we'll start with it on...
   var targets:Array = myManager.selectedTargetObjects;
   for (var i:int = 0; i < targets.length; i++) {
       if ( [your conditional logic] ) {
           square.visible = false;

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Wow sorry, I was looking at it all the wrong way. I thought I had to access the square within the TransformItem, and trying to make it more complex than it really is. Thanks for you help.

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