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quick TweenMax question

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Hi again! :)


For example i got an array called subMenuO, and each of it's item have it's own different y, i wonder if there is a quick way to say TweenMax: "I want you to tween each item from y = 0, right to y where each item is right now".


Quick, in my sense means without creating additional / temporary array that would hold y for each item.


Thx in advance!

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I think a simple TweenMax.fromAll would sort this out for you, so you could put in y:0 in the parameters. They should then all Tween from the starting of y:0 to their own current y position. I've no doubt Carl will be along to put this in much better terms!!

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Thank you!

TweenMax.from(subMenuO, 1.5, {y: 0}); have done just what i need!

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Yup, in v12 the target of a TweenLite or TweenMax tween can be an array of objects.



If you need to stagger the start times you can use TweenMax's staggerFrom() (which replaces allFrom)

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