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Imageloader: image rendering issue

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When i resize any image which is in the autoFitArea it goes blur. Let me know when we resize any image AutoFitArea redraw the bitmap image or it normally resize the image. Is there any option to redraw image pixel to control the image distortion or any other suggestion to solve this problem.



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If your image is scaling larger than its natural size, yes some blurring or pixelization is going to take place.

If you set smoothing to true, it will look better.


ImageLoader smoothes by default, but you can set it to false and see if that result is better for you.


var img:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("someImage.jpg", {smoothing:false});

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Yes i am scaling but smaller then its actual size and its goes blur. And i have already set smoothing true. my image size is 102 x 68 and when i try to resize it to 50X50 proportionally it goes blur. is there any other way to get better output please suggest me. :( And please let me know one thing that AutoFitArea are re-render the image when resize or normally scale the image.

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AutoFitArea doesn't do any rendering whatsoever - all it does is set the width/height and x/y of the attached DisplayObjects - Flash does the rendering.


If you're going smaller, it shouldn't really blur things.


Are you making sure that the AutoFitArea is positioned on whole pixels? If not, I'd definitely recommend that. You could also try setting cacheAsBitmap to true on your object which should snap things to whole pixels - that can help it render in a more crisp fashion.

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