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Tween overwrite 'auto' does not work for css classNames

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Hi Jack, thanks for the gsap.


From what i see the overwrite auto does not work for tweens initiated via css className.


So if you have say an on-mouseover and add a css class {css:{className:"+=class1"}} and then mouse-out before the css property tweens are complete and remove the class {css:{className:"-=class1"}}, the first tween/s are not cancelled and continue to completion - and then the remove class takes effect immediately.


If you use overwrite "all" - all tweens stop as expected.



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Thanks for pointing that out - we're looking into it. That's actually a pretty difficult thing to accomplish cleanly for a bunch of reasons, but we're workin' on it. Stand by...

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I updated my files yesterday from that link so I think I'm up to date.

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And is it not working for you? If not, please post a very simple HTML/JS doc that clearly demonstrates the issue and I'll take a peek.

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