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dispose of single videoLoader (and contents) from a queue

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So I'm basing my code off the code in the tutorial you did on active tuts. Thanks!


We're trying to create a 'stream' of videos that play sequentially. I'm very excited to be using loadermax for this. Thanks so much for helping me solve so many of the loading issues.


In our situation, unlike the tutorial, we will not be looping through a list of videos. Instead, every 5 minutes or so, I'll be calling the server to update the queue of videos. I'm planning on simply appending the new videos to the queue of videos I already have.


So I need to be able to unload each video after it plays. How do I properly remove each video from the queue and avoid memory leaks?


Thanks for your help on this. And thanks for the code. Your stuff makes my stuff more solid.

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If you dispose(true) a loader (VideoLoader, SWFLoader, or whatever), it will automatically get removed from any LoaderMax queues that it was placed in. You don't have to do anything extra :)


Does that answer your question?

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