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Calling sound with jQuery or GreenSock html5

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I was wondring how I can call sounds using GreenSock and or jQuery

form events.


The following website I found from your site. It plays sound on rollovers.

Its way cool.


Here is the site:http://gooqx.com


Thanks so much.



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There aren't currently any GreenSock tools that work with sound in HTML5. We have MP3Loader (part of LoaderMax) for Flash, but that's very different. On the HTML5 side of things, we're trying to stay laser-focused on animation right now because it's a HUGE need and the tool sets on the market are woefully lacking. We may create something for sound eventually, but not anytime soon. I believe CreateJS has a sound tool: http://www.createjs.com (it's called SoundJS).

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Wow, both of these comments definite answer my question. Thanks a lot of guys great help.


Now if I can only figure out how to declare a tweenVar outside of function, the java version, so I can play it later in a function and reverse it in another function :)

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