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LoaderMax not working in Chrome (native flash player)

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Hi, I cant get loader max to work in Chrome on a PC. the native flash player (version build into chrome) is


If it change the plugin to the latest from adobe it works. It also works on a mac.


Does anyone have a solution for this?

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I can't seem to reproduce that problem. LoaderMax seems to be working just fine for me in Chrome. What exactly is happening for you? Are you getting errors? Does nothing load, and it fails silently? Where can I go to see the problem? Can you post a very simple FLA that I can publish on my end to see the issue?

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Hi sorry I forgot to reply to this, busy friday!


What was happening was I was testing the HTML locally and therefore it was not working. Work fine from a server but not when trying to load the files from a local dir. I guess it's a permissions thing.


Sorry, it's all fine now. Thanks!

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